Are We The Bad Guys?

I was disappointed to see the names of several people on the infamous celebrity love bombing letter that I genuinely admire. I loved Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan in Green Wing and Olivia Coleman, Robert Webb and David Mitchell have brightened up many a Friday night. One can only assume they have no idea what’s actually going on in Scotland, let alone who they’re sharing a platform with.
Hey folks, meet the BNP! BNP meet the guys!

It seems that Mitchell and Webb foresaw these events in their famous sketch

Yes, you are the baddies.


One thought on “Are We The Bad Guys?

  1. alharron says:

    David Mitchell I’m not surprised about: he did a soapbox about how the rejuvenation of Gaelic in Scotland was politically-motivated by “nationalist politicians,” and was rather patronising about how language was “natural” and shouldn’t be “artificially promoted.” It’s Stephen Hawking & David Attenborough which upset me.

    But then, all we know is that these people signed a piece of paper. Few of them have actually spoken at length on the subject of Scottish independence. This strikes me more as a Bowie-esque political stunt, where a mere four words managed to get everyone talking about them – only this time, they don’t even say anything!

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