We Are Not The Enemy


You may have noticed a change in Scotland recently and we know it makes you uncomfortable. What was once the underachieving, shouty but harmless little country at the cold end of Britain has become a vicious, destructive force of evil, intent on wreaking havoc on your traditions and tearing all you hold dear asunder. We are the greedy, grasping sweaty socks; ignorant, petty, vindictive and quick to attack those who disagree with our point of view. We are deluded, slavish nationalists; economically naive and easily led. We unjustly demand more of your hard-earned taxes to pay for our luxuries. We want to leave you defenceless in an uncertain world. We do not pay our way.

All of this is true, according to the British media.

The single most important factor which forms the opinions of the majority of us in the United Kingdom is what we see and hear in the media. It won the election for the Conservatives. It lost the election for Labour. It will decide how we vote on the EU.

Do you really want a handful of unelected men to decide you and your family’s future? How do you make an informed choice when all your sources say the same thing?

You can’t have failed to notice the press and television media went to town on the SNP and Scots prior to the General Election. Unlike the referendum debate these scares, smears and dirty tricks weren’t just for benefit of the people of Scotland; they were aimed at you too. You were regaled with tales of abusive cybernats  and conveniently left in the dark over the antics of abusive Britnats. You were told Nicola Sturgeon is the Most Dangerous Woman in Britain. You have been subjected to a racist viewpoint of our culture which isn’t even thinly veiled and which sought and still seeks to divide us.

We were subjected to all this too yet despite the scaremongering, misinformation, hatred and vilification we democratically elected 56 SNP MPs out of a possible 59, leaving the London parties with less than a handful of representatives. This did not happen because we are all rabid nationalists seeking independence at any cost, it happened because we have an advantage over you:

We know the press lie. We know the BBC lie. We do not trust or believe what they say. We have found or developed our own sources of information and we share it with each other.

You see we’ve been through all this before. We saw it first hand during the referendum and despite the weight of the establishment ranged against us we very nearly won. Our alternative media has grown since then and continues to grow. The change in the Scottish political landscape is not a protest, it is a shift to a new reality which shows no sign of abating and it is due to knowledge. We have news outlets independent of established media, bloggers and social media users who find and disseminate information contrary to what the press tell us. You need that too.

Maybe, just maybe, your time is coming. The EU referendum could be the catalyst which awakens many of you to the deceit of the media. This time they will not all be singing from the same hymn sheet. You will be treated to exposes on the excesses of the European Union, you will be given extreme examples of wastefulness, corruption and petty bureaucracy . Immigration will feature heavily. You can choose to believe everything they tell you or you can seek the truth.

England needs a Derek Bateman. a Newsshaft, a Newsnet, a Bella Caledonia. You need a Wings Over England. Are any of you willing to step up and offer an alternative? Are you willing to support those who do?  Are you happy to accept what they want you to know and not what you need to know?

We are not the enemy.

Politicians and the vested interests who control the media in the United Kingdom fear an informed populace.

Make them fear you. Be the media.

28 thoughts on “We Are Not The Enemy

  1. Thomas Barbour says:

    Absolutely it is similar in a way as the World Cup we get all this Bias towards England from the Media the ordinary Scot Takes exception to this and wants England to Loose, But this is not about the ordinary English Person it`s the Media? well it`s the same with the Election,the Referendum and now the EU elections England,Wales and Scotland will be Fed Distorted Facts and Fed what the Government want you to know I hope and wish England wakes up and searches the Truth especially the North of England? just remember non of the unionist Leaders spoke to a crowd of ordinary people it was only in controlled situations did they appear unlike Nicola Stirgeon?

    • Rod Fleming says:

      Fuck’s sake could you at least make an attempt to write coherently?

      • Jim Nimmo says:

        Rod why slate someone you dont know from Adam about their knowledge of the English language, Tom at least reads between the lines, and can see the truth

      • Wee bit harsh Rod, every voice should be heard.

      • Jason Kelly says:

        If you can’t read and understand that then the problem is yours.

      • Colette F says:

        I’m afraid to say attacking someone over their grasp of the written word or grammar is the lowest form of trolling, who died and made you the expert?

      • Doug says:

        Rod trolling is a art

      • Walt Barbour says:

        Why the question mark at the end of your statement?

      • George says:

        It is actually FUCK sake not FUCK’S sake, you could at least make an attempt to criticise coherently??

      • Maybe you should try to understand that not everybody understands the English language like you do… Take me for example, when I left school in 1968 I was hopeless at English, today I and my brother who is 9yrs older than me still print everything except for our names.. and as for arithmetic I was just hopeless when I left school and aren’t much better today..

        So the moral of this story is, FOR CHRISTS SAKE get off of you high horse as it’s no big deal… There are more things in your life you should care about 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Thomas. I hope they do to but we can’t allow ourselves to be dragged into a ‘them and us’ scenario. I sincerely hope that people in England can see through the nonsense and recognise that we’re not that different.

  2. bingotea says:

    Another Angry Voice is a Yorkshire Blogger who sees through the media smokescreen and political doublespeak.

    • I’ve read his blog and there are others but not enough. Coordination and variety of content are needed. England has a far greater population than Scotland with different priorities, it’s a big ask to pull it all together.

  3. Chas Hite says:

    Many of my fellow Americans recognise that the press here lies too. Except here they favour the left rather than the right. As a proud descendant of Scots, I hope you get independence soon ! On a tangential note – the British, Irish, and European press also lies about the situation in Israel, especially the BBC, The Irish Times, The Guardian and AFP !! As well as outright lies and slander towards Israel, they also take Pallywood as truth. Such a pity !

    • Thanks for the comment Chas, I subscribe to several sites focussing on the US press so I’m aware that media bias is not confined to our shores. Hopefully your fellow Americans are critical of press manipulation in other countries too.

  4. Richard Mc says:

    Couldn’t agree more. This is not about us and them this is about a media controlled by a few people who bend it to keep the masses in the dark about the real issues. Tabloid papers are a scandal and people need to get their heads out of the headlines and dig deeper. The information and truth is out there if you can be bothered to look for it.

  5. I ernjoyed reading that.
    Just got back from a holiday where my friend and I met a lovely English couple.
    The husband brought up the Referendum. (I know you should never get into a conversation about politics but he did ask).

    They were Tories from the East Midlands. They were abroad buying property.

    As we started to explain why we voted the 56 MPs into Westminster the gentleman tried to educate me on the fact that he was a businessman and Scotland would go from being one of the Richest countries in the world if we stayed in the UK to being the 84th. I could not believe it.

    They then said why the thought so much of Maggie Thatcher. We explained we hated her in Scotland and one of her terrible legacies was that she had introduced the Poll Tax to us as guinea pigs before taking it to England a year later, when there were riots in the streets.

    They denied this and would not believe us.

    This is what you are up against. It’s not the people in England who are to blame it’s the media’s fault for not educating the electorate on how deceitful the Tories are.

    That opened my eyes.

  6. Parkyderm says:

    Check out chunkymark on youtube, there’s an Englishman who sees through the smokescreen!

  7. I’m kept in touch via Facebook with some of the variety of different voices from Scotland by a very diligent friend of mine North of the Border. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments which are both passionate and correct. Yes, there are millions of us in England who are looking on in horror at the state the unelected “majority” are now going to subject our country to. I think the problem we have is that they’ve made us feel powerless. This may explain the paucity of voices such as yours, in England. The Europe debate cannot come quick enough as it is the only hope we have of watching our Government turn on itself.

  8. Russ says:

    I am sure, as are most of the people commenting on here, that true information is only available online. MSM is totally biased and should virtually be ignored on important subjects. Read their headlines and search for the real truth, it’s always out there somewhere.
    There are a multitude of Facebook groups which are run by ordinary people (myself included), which seek and allow comments and posts on politically newsworthy stories.
    My own FB group is called “The SNP really useful fact page” which now has a membership of over 2,600 people in less than 2 months.
    The truth is out there….go find it!

  9. Tessa says:

    Just a wee question, which are the ‘London Parties’ you mention? As far as I’m aware London is not an independent state Or even a devolved one and doesn’t have its own political parties.

    • Hi Tessa,
      Most people are well aware what is meant by the London parties and I’m sure you could name them. Its a turn of phrase that is recognisable to anyone involved in the independence debate. As far as I’m aware two are registered in London and the other is based in Manchester? (Labour). I’d have to google it and can’t be arsed.
      I’m surprised that was the only issue you could find. Good for you.

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